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Humayra Bodhania, an 8-year-old girl with whom I communicated many times and had a very close connection, recently died as a result of PH. I know that death is not uncommon in the PH community (life expectancy is around 2 years without treatment) but her death has been particularly devastating. She is the inspiration behind “The Smile Tour.” This tour involves my visiting hospitals throughout the US and performing for and spending time with children who have PH and other chronic illnesses in an effort to give them hope and a sense of peace during what I know can be a very challenging time. 



April 14 - Lake Hughes, CA - The Painted Turtle - PH kids camp

April 24 - National Anthem - San Antonio, TX (stay tunes for details)

April 24 - Children’s Hospital of San Antonio - TX

April 25 - San Antonio, TX - Transplants For Children

Time: 6:30-9:30 PM CDT - open to public

FREE Tickets and Info at or 212 949 1212

Place: Joe Long Theater at The Carver Community Center

(226 N Hackberry Street , San Antonio, TX 78202)

April 26 - University Hospital - San Antonio

June - Stay tuned for details

August - stay tuned for details

October - stay tuned for details

December - stay tuned for details