I was officially diagnosed with severe PH  in 2013. Soon after, it became my mission to bring awareness to this terrible disease. As a singer, songwriter and performer, entertainment is the means through which I feel most able to do this.

Your donation will allow me to continue to create opportunities that shine a light on PH. We are currently looking for funding for the following ventures:

  • “The Smile Tour (In Honor Of Humayra Bodhania)

    Please watch the following video

  • A documentary, which will trace my journey and delve deeply into the mechanics of this disease with a goal of bringing it to the forfront.

  • A book, which will outline the five key principles that I believe are the reason that I’m not only alive today but that I’m fully back to living my life as a touring performer. It will trace my five-year health journey: going from being told I only had days left to live, to now, five years later,  being back on stage performing for thousands of people. My hope is that it will serve as a roadmap to health for those who are being told they don’t have much time left and as a source of hope and peace for anyone going through a challenging time. 

  • Original music and music videos which will be marketed both online and in print with the intention of bringing awareness to PH.

  • Public Relations: Our mission is to hire a top PR firm that can help us bring massive awareness to all of our ventures, thereby shining a light on PH.

Life expectancy, if left untreated, is 2.8 years. Due to misdiagnosis, people are continuing to die. Treatments help prolong life but there is no cure. Awareness will lead to both earlier diagnosis and to more funding for research so that there may one day (soon, I hope) be a cure. 

The more awareness we can create, the more lives we can save. 

Thank you!